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Effects of Corn Stover Particle Size on Growth Performance, Feeding Behavior and Nutrients Digestibility in Beetal Bucks

F. Majeed, S. Ahmed, M.A. Rashid, M.Q. Shahid
Background: The optimization of particle size of corn stover is necessary before it is being added in goat ration as it affects the uniformity and structural effectiveness of the diet, feed intake and digestion process in goats. 
Methods: A total of 24 bucks (10±1 months old; body weight of 20±1 kg) were selected and divided into three treatment groups of 8 bucks in each group in a Completely Randomized Design. Dietary treatments included conventional total mixed ration containing corn stover of three different particle sizes: 1) 8 mm;) CS8; 2) 16 mm, CS16 and 3) 24 mm, CS24. The experiment lasted for 15 weeks including 02 weeks of adaptability period. 
Result: The results indicated that particle size of corn stover significantly affected average daily gain (ADG) by bucks. The ADG was highest in the CS8 group. The bucks in the CS8 spent less time eating but numerically had higher dry matter intake.

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