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Hepatorenal Toxicity Induced by Maternal Exposure to Topical Betamethasone Prior to Fertilization in Newborn Rabbits

Fatemah Al Nwaiser, Gamal Bekhet, Azza Sedky
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1Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science, King Faisal University, P.O. Box 380 Al Hofuf 31982 Al Ahsaa, Saudi Arabia.
Cite article:- Nwaiser Al Fatemah, Bekhet Gamal, Sedky Azza (2022). Hepatorenal Toxicity Induced by Maternal Exposure to Topical Betamethasone Prior to Fertilization in Newborn Rabbits. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 56(9): 1132-1137. doi: 10.18805/IJAR.BF-1456.
Background: Synthetic glucocorticoids, such as Betamethasone, are used for treatment of skin disease including Psoriasis. No enough evidences are present about the side effect of maternal exposure to betamethasone, before fertilization, on new-born. So, the goal of the present study was to determine these side effects on liver and kidney.
Methods: In the present study, two doses of betamethasone (0.02 and 0.2 mg/kg b.w) were used. At the end of the experimental period (after 3 weeks of delivery), six new-born rabbits of both sexes (1 newborn rabbit per mother) were dissected under light anesthesia and blood, liver and kidney samples were collected. All the measurements were performed in one assay.
Result: Maternal exposure to betamethasone, for 2 months before fertilization, induced toxicity in new-born rabbits and decrease the relative organ weight of liver and kidney in new-born rabbits. The biochemical changes involved induction of oxidative, alterations in hepatic and renal parameters. Moreover, structural changes in liver and kidney new-born rabbits were observed. So, this study suggested that females must take care in using treatment with betamethasone before fertilization to avoid toxicity of their offspring.

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