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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 54 issue 7 (july 2020) : 851-855

Chemical properties, antioxidant activities and in vitro fermentation profiles of some shrubs of North Western Tunisia

H. Selmi, M. Hasnaoui, A. Bahri, C. Abbes, S. Dallali, S. Jedidi, H. Rouissi
1Sylvo-Pastoral Institute, University of Jandouba, Tabarka, Tunisia
Cite article:- Selmi H., Hasnaoui M., Bahri A., Abbes C., Dallali S., Jedidi S., Rouissi H. (2018). Chemical properties, antioxidant activities and in vitro fermentation profiles of some shrubs of North Western Tunisia. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 54(7): 851-855. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-953.
The main aims of this study were to analyze the chemical composition and total phenolic, and to evaluate the in vitro fermentation and antioxidant activities from some shrubs (Erica arborea, Myrtus communis, Arbutus unedo and Phillyrea latifolia). The determination of the chemical composition, total phenolic, flavonoid contents and the antioxidant activity were investigated by using in vitro methods. The in vitro gas production and ruminal parameters were determined in the presence of goat rumen juice. Total nitrogen content was significantly high with Myrtus communis (p <0.01). Total phenolic and flavonoid content vary by species and season (p <0.01). It can be concluded that all parameters were significantly affected by the seasonal period and the shrubs nature. Expect the OM that was similar regardless the seasonal period.
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