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Determination of the genetic polymorphism for DGAT1 gene in Holstein, Jersey and native cattle breeds of Turkey

E.K. Gurcan, O. Cobanoglu, E. Kul, H.S. Abaci, , S. Cankaya
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1Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Namik Kemal University, Tekirdag 59030, Turkey
Cite article:- Gurcan E.K., Cobanoglu O., Kul E., Abaci H.S., Cankaya S. (2018). Determination of the genetic polymorphism for DGAT1 gene in Holstein, Jersey and native cattle breeds of Turkey. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 53(2): 146-150. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-873.
This study was to determine the genetic polymorphism in terms of the DGAT1 gene among Holstein and Jersey and indigenous Native Black, East Anatolian Red and Grey Steppe in Turkey. The frequencies of K allele for the DGAT1 gene were calculated as 0.59, 0.54, 0.53, 0.62, 0.52, and 0.54 for Jersey, Holstein (Black Sea Region), Holstein (Marmara Region), and Grey Steppe, East Anatolian Red, and Native Black breeds, respectively. The FIS values of the populations for the DGAT1 gene were detected all negative values. In overall population, FIS value was found as 76%.  The expected deviations from the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium in terms of the DGAT1 locus were found significant in these six different populations (P<0.01). The genetic distance values among the populations were calculated between 0.0001 and 0.0089. Based on the cluster analysis, Holstein, Native Black and East Anatolian Red were located in close cluster; however, Jersey and Grey Steppe were grouped in different cluster. 
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