A study on serostatus of neosporosis in dairy cattle in the Diyarbakir Province of Turkey

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-826    | Article Id: B-826 | Page : 1039-1041
Citation :- A study on serostatus of neosporosis in dairy cattle in the Diyarbakir Province of Turkey.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2020.(54):1039-1041
Ali Ihsan Diker and Duygu Neval Sayin Ipek ihsandiker@yahoo.com
Address : Balikesir University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Parasitology, Balikesir-Turkey.
Submitted Date : 13-09-2017
Accepted Date : 20-06-2018


Neosporosis is one of the most major cause of bovine abortion with great negative subclinical economic effects on reproductive health and productive parameters in cattle throughout the world. Various commercial serological tests are used in diagnosis or epidemiological studies in the field. Different seroepidemiological studies of neosporosis in cattle from different parts of the world have reported seroprevalence values from 3.8% up to 76%. Data of the seroprevalence of neosporosis in dairy cattle in Turkey varies between 6% and 32.7%. This study is planned to determine the seroprevalence of  Neospora caninum in 519 dairy cattle from different locations of Diyarbakir province. The overall seroprevalence of neosporosis in dairy cattle was found as 7.9% in Diyarbakir province.


Abortion Cattle Diyarbakir Neospora caninum Seroprevalence Turkey.


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