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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 53 issue 11 (november 2019) : 1407-1413

Seasonal variations in reproductive parameters of Ouled Djellal rams in the East of Algeria

Yamina Belkhiri, Farida Bouzebda-Afri, Zoubir Bouzebda, Charef eddine Mouffok, Amal Djaout
1Laboratory of Animal Productions, Biotechnologies and Health, Institute Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences, University of Souk-Ahras, 41000, Algeria.
Cite article:- Belkhiri Yamina, Bouzebda-Afri Farida, Bouzebda Zoubir, Mouffok eddine Charef, Djaout Amal (2017). Seasonal variations in reproductive parameters of Ouled Djellal rams in the East of Algeria. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 53(11): 1407-1413. doi: 10.18805/ijar.v0iOF.7266.
This experiment was carried out on Ouled Djellal rams in order to study the effect of season on testicular size, serum testosterone level and semen characteristics for a period of one year. Blood samples were obtained via jugular vein, and semen was collected by using an electro-ejaculator from six fertile male rams (2-4 years of age) on a monthly basis. In this breed, testis parameters varied seasonally showing the highest average values during autumn. However, the variation of body weight, GSI, serum testosterone levels, mass motility, individual motility and sperm concentration were not significant during the sampling period. The results reported show that the lowest and highest levels of semen volume were recorded in winter (0.62±0.11 ml) and in autumn (1.23±0.09 ml) respectively. The pH value and total number in sperm showed a uniform pattern with low scores during breeding season and high scores in non-breeding season. High percentage of live sperm was recorded during the summer and high percentage of abnormal sperm was recorded during winter.
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