​Rejuvenating Effect of Mathan Thailam for a Wound Dehiscence following Caesarean Operation in a Kangayam Cow Affected with Uterine Torsion

DOI: 10.18805/IJAR.B-4487    | Article Id: B-4487 | Page : 502-504
Citation :- ​Rejuvenating Effect of Mathan Thailam for a Wound Dehiscence following Caesarean Operation in a Kangayam Cow Affected with Uterine Torsion.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2022.(56):502-504
M. Selvaraju, M. Periyannan, V. Varudharajan, S. Prakash, K. Ravikumar, D. Gopikrishnan drmselvaraju1969@gmail.com
Address : Department of Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal-637 002, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Tamil Nadu, India.
Submitted Date : 13-04-2021
Accepted Date : 31-05-2021


Background: Kangayam is a popular and well known cattle breed from Tamil Nadu, known for its heat tolerance and work capacities. Postoperative wound gaping is a very traumatic and painful event for any patient including voiceless animal patient. The rejuvenating effect of herbal preparation from Oomathai (Datura metal); Mathan Thailam in a wound dehiscence following hysterotomy in a Kangayam cow affected with uterine torsion is reported.
Methods: A full term pregnant Kangayam cow on its second parity was presented to the Large Animal Obstetrics Unit, Veterinary Clinical Complex (VCC), Veterinary College and Research Institute (VCRI), Namakkal with colic signs for two days. On general clinical examination, the animal was dull and depressed with recurrent kicking in the abdomen with tucked up udder. Vaginal examination revealed closed cervix and rectal examination revealed left side broad ligament crossing over the cervix towards right side. The case was diagnosed as pre-cervical right side uterine torsion and Schaffer’s method of detorsion of cervix failed to dilate. Thus, hysterotomy was performed to deliver the fetus. Postoperative wound dehiscence occurred as a complication which was treated with mathan thailam.
Result: The owner was directed to apply the mathan thailam externally thrice daily after regular cleaning of wound. The result is significant that the mathan thailam showed excellent rejuvenation in the wound gaping. 


Dehiscence Hysterotomy Kangayam Mathan thailam Wound


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