Heparin Binding Proteins of Black Bengal Buck Semen and Their Correlation with Sperm Characters and Freezability

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-3849    | Article Id: B-3849 | Page : 829-834
Citation :- Heparin Binding Proteins of Black Bengal Buck Semen and Their Correlation with Sperm Characters and Freezability.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2020.(54):829-834
M. Karunakaran, Vivek C. Gajare, Ajoy Mandal, Mohan Mondal, S.K. Das, S. Rai and M.K. Ghosh  drmkarunakaran@gmail.com
Address : ICAR- National Dairy Research Institute, Eastern Regional Station, Kalyani-741 235, West Bengal, India.
Submitted Date : 25-05-2019
Accepted Date : 15-10-2019


This experiment was conducted to study the electrophoretic characters of heparin binding proteins (HBP) of Black Bengal buck semen and their correlation with sperm characters and cryo-survivability. Semen ejaculates (n=20/buck) were collected from nine bucks and in vitro sperm characters were evaluated at collection, after equilibration and after freeze - thawing. HBP were isolated through heparin column and discontinuous Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) was performed to assess molecular weight. Significant difference (P<0.01) were observed among the bucks in sperm characters and freezability. Eight protein bands of 17 to 180 kDa in seminal plasma and 7 bands in sperm were found. 180 -136 kDa HBP of seminal plasma and 134-101 kDa HBP of sperm had showed high correlation with in vitro sperm characters. Further studies on identification of these proteins and their correlation with in vivo pregnancy are needed to find their role as marker for buck selection. 


Buck Freezability Heparin binding proteins In vitro characters Semen


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