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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 54 issue 4 (april 2020) : 446-451

Effect of feeding rice distillers dried grain with solubles as major protein source on nutrient digestibility and growth performance of Jersey crossbred calves

Dipak Dey, Bharti Sharma, Asif Mohammad, D.K. Mandal, C. Bhakat, T.K. Dutta, A. Chatterjee
1Eastern Regional Station, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Kalyani-741 235, West Bengal, India.
Cite article:- Dey Dipak, Sharma Bharti, Mohammad Asif, Mandal D.K., Bhakat C., Dutta T.K., Chatterjee A. (2019). Effect of feeding rice distillers dried grain with solubles as major protein source on nutrient digestibility and growth performance of Jersey crossbred calves. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 54(4): 446-451. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-3788.
Rice Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (RDDGS) is a byproduct of alcohol industry obtained by distillation of fermented rice. In the present experiment, chemical composition of RDDGS and the effect of supplementing RDDGS replacing soybean meal (SBM) on growth performance and feed conversion efficiency of crossbred Jersey calves have been studied. The DM content of RDDGS was 89.58 ± 0.09%. The chemical composition (% DM) in terms of OM, CP, EE, CF, NFE, TA, NDF, ADF, TCHO and AIA were 94.97±0.09, 48.43± 0.69, 5.45 ± 0.16, 6.50±0.27, 34.58±1.01, 5.03 ± 0.09, 40.50 ± 0.93, 16.82 ± 0.65, 42.91 ± 1.52  and 0.95 ± 0.06, respectively. Chemical analysis indicated that it is a good source of protein and other nutrients. The effect of feeding RDDGS in crossbred cattle was studied in a growth trial of 120 days and a digestibility trial of six days collection period. The animals in control group (T0) were fed on soya bean meal based concentrate mixture with paddy straw and green fodder as per requirement. In the treatment group (T1) soya bean meal in concentrate mixture was totally replaced by RDDGS. There was no significant difference between two groups of animals in terms of average DMI, CPI and TDNI. The blood parameters such as plasma glucose, protein, albumin, globulin, enzymes (AST and ALT) and urea also remained unaffected. The digestibility of DM, CP and EE were significantly higher in treatment group fed with RDDGS. The average daily gain (ADLG) was significantly higher in RDDGS supplemented group as a result of which feed conversion efficiency improved and thus economized the ration.
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