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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 53 issue 12 (december 2019) : 1639-1644

The study of therapeutic efficacy of mineral mixture, herbal and ethno veterinary medicine on anoestrus buffalo heifers 

Vikas Chaudhiry, Anand Kumar, Govind Mohan, Ranjeet Verma, Sushant Srivastava
1Department of Veterinary Gynecology and Obstetrics, Narendra Deva University of Agriculture and Technology, Faizabad-224 229, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Cite article:- Chaudhiry Vikas, Kumar Anand, Mohan Govind, Verma Ranjeet, Srivastava Sushant (2019). The study of therapeutic efficacy of mineral mixture, herbal and ethno veterinary medicine on anoestrus buffalo heifers. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 53(12): 1639-1644. doi: 10.18805/ijar.B-3719.
The aim of study was to assess the therapeutic efficacy of different etheno-veterinary remedies for induction of cyclicity in anoestrus buffalo heifers. Total number of fifty six buffalo heifers (48 anoestrus and 8 cyclic) were kept under observation for different types of treatment. Group G1 with only with the mineral mixture, while G2 with Prajana HS + mineral mixture, G3 with Randia dumetorum + mineral mixture, G4 with Tinospora cordifolia + mineral mixture, and G5 with Randia dumetorum +Tinospora cordifolia + mineral mixture. The overall estrus induction and conception rate were found as 50 % and 75 % in G1, 75 % and 83.33% (G2), 87.50 % and 85.71% (G3), 62.5 % and 80 % (G4), 87.5 % and 85.71 % (G5) respectively, whereas no estrus symptom was exhibited in acyclic control group G0  while G6 as cyclic control. Maximum estrus induction and conception rate was showed by heifers of G5. Thus the present study revealed that the anoestrus buffalo heifer can be most effectively treated with Randia dumetorum (Mainphala) and Tinospora cordifolia (Giloy) along with mineral mixture. On the basis of present study estrus induction, conception rate and serum biochemical parameters concluded that Mainphala and Giloy combination have an effective roll in the treatment of anoestrus buffalo heifers. Ethnoveterinary medicines could be utilized as low-cost therapeutic management for control of anoestrus buffalo heifers.
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