Characterisation of KiSS1R gene and Non genetic factors affecting reproductive traits in Indian goats

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-3597    | Article Id: B-3597 | Page : 979-983
Citation :- Characterisation of KiSS1R gene and Non genetic factors affecting reproductive traits in Indian goats.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2019.(53):979-983
Siddhant Sekhar Sahoo, Chinmoy Mishra, Stuti Tanaya Mohanty, Rakesh Kaushik, P.K. Rout, M.K. Singh, Gopal Dass, Kamdev Sethy, Kumaresh Behera and M.S. Dige
Address : ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Goats, Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura-281 122, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Submitted Date : 16-03-2018
Accepted Date : 12-09-2018


This study was undertaken to explore the genetic polymorphism in the KiSS1R (GPR54) gene from 80 Black Bengal, 50 Ganjam and 20 Raighar goat. Each of the sampled goats was recorded for its reproductive traits. The genomic DNA was isolated from the collected blood samples. The target 3’ UTR comprising of 246 bp fragment of KiSS1R gene was successfully amplified using the specific primer. Amplified samples were subjected for HRM analysis followed by sequencing. The nucleotide sequence alignment with the retrieved DNA sequence from NCBI BLAST confirmed absence of polymorphic pattern in KiSS1R gene in 3’ UTR. However, in the studied populations breed had significant effect on littersize, kidding interval and age at sexual maturity. It was found that age at sexual maturity and kidding interval were the highest in Ganjam goat population as compared to Raighar and Black Bengal goat population. Litter size was found highest in Black Bengal goat. 


BLAST Gene Goat KiSS1R Reproduction SNP


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