Characterization and validation of point mutation in Exon 19 of  Calcium Channel, voltage-dependent, Alpha-2/Delta subunit 1(CACNA2D1) gene and its relationship with mastitis traits in Sahiwal

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.10990    | Article Id: B-3180 | Page : 61-64
Citation :- Characterization and validation of point mutation in Exon 19 of Calcium Channel, voltage-dependent, Alpha-2/Delta subunit 1(CACNA2D1)gene and its relationship with mastitis traits in Sahiwal .Indian Journal of Animal Research.2018.(52):61-64

Ankit Magotra, I.D.Gupta, Archana Verma, Rani Alex, Ashwani Arya, Vineeth M.R and Vijay Kumar

Address :

Dairy Cattle Breeding Division, ICAR- National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal-132 001, Haryana, India.

Submitted Date : 3-02-2016
Accepted Date : 17-06-2016


Calcium channel, voltage-dependent, alpha-2/ delta subunit 1 (CACNA2D1) gene plays an important role in excitation-contraction coupling in muscle-cells, glial cells and neurons. The CACNA2D1 gene may be one of the candidate genes related with some phenotypic traits due to its location in QTLs associated with Somatic cell score (SCS ) and mastitis. A total of 120 Sahiwal cattle were selected to characterize exon 19 of CACNA2D1 gene to identify polymorphism and its association with mastitis susceptibility/resistance.  A 249 bp PCR fragment of CACNA2D1 gene encompassing the exon 19 and partial intronic region was amplified and digested with Hae III to screen the SNP which was significantly associated with SCS. Genotype analysis using PCR-RFLP revealed a monomorphic banding pattern. Sequencing was also carried out to explore other SNPs which are deposited in dbSNP in the nucleotide sequence of a particular region. This study provides preliminary information that the targeted region of CACNA2D1 gene in indigenous cattle has no significant association with mastitis resistance which may be a breed specific characteristic.


CACNA2D1 Exon 19 Mastitis PCR-RFLP Polymorphism Sahiwal.


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