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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 50 issue 3 (june 2016) : 411-414

Immunomodulatory effect of levamisole on PPR vaccine in goats and change in haematological profile

Mousam Das*, D.P. Isore, S.N. Joardar, I. Samanta, S.K. Mukhopadhayay
1<p>Department of Veterinary Microbiology, West Bengal University of Animal &amp; Fishery Sciences, Kolkata-700 037, India.</p>
Cite article:- Das* Mousam, Isore D.P., Joardar S.N., Samanta I., Mukhopadhayay S.K. (2015). Immunomodulatory effect of levamisole on PPR vaccine in goats and change in haematological profile . Indian Journal of Animal Research. 50(3): 411-414. doi: 10.18805/ijar.5723.

Levamisole is an anthelmintic and synthetic immunomodulator. Effect of levamisole on PPR vaccine in goat model was evaluated in this study. Healthy, sero negative for PPR infection 12 Black Bengal goats were divided into three groups. Levamisole was injected @ 2.5 mg/kg b.wt. and @ 5.0 mg/kg b.wt. in two groups respectively. After seven days all animals were vaccinated with PPR cell culture vaccine. Blood samples were collected from animals at 0 day, 7th day, 14th day, 21st day and 30th day. Serum was separated and used in indirect ELISA for qualitative and quantitative assay of antibody titer. EDTA mixed blood sample was used for determination of immunity induced blood cells number. Antibody titer and immunity induced blood cells number were more in the Levamisole and vaccine treated groups than only vaccine treated group. So, levamisole acted as an immunomodulator when it was used prior PPR vaccine in goats.

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