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Correlation of body condition score, weight, measurements  and effect of parity and stage of lactation on milk parameters of Gir cows

Prashant Mashalji*, M.F. Siddiqui, G.R. Channa, V.S. Ingle1 and Y.G. Kankarne

Department of Livestock Production and Management, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Parbhani-431 402, India.

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Experiment was conducted on 100 Gir cows of different parity and stage of lactation maintained at Ashti Dairy Farm, Ashti, taluka Partur, district Jalna of Maharashtra state. The present experiment was carried out to know the  effect of parities and stage of lactation on milk parameters viz; Weekly Milk Yield (WMY), Weekly Fat Corrected Milk Yield (WFCMY), Fat and Solid Not Fat (SNF) percent and correlation between Body Condition Score (BCS), Body Weight (BW) and body measurements viz; height at wither, height at hook, heart girth and body length with milk parameters. The Least Squares Analysis of Variance has revealed significant effect of parity on the  WMY, WFCMY and Fat percentage whereas, significant effect of stages of lactation on the WMY and WFCMY of Gir cows. The positive to negative significant correlation coefficients of body condition score with WMY (0.110); Height at wither with WMY (0.131) and Fat percent (-0.156); Hearth girth with  WMY (0.125) and Fat percent (-0.155) and Body length with Fat percent (-0.139)  respectively.

BCS, Body weight, Body measurements, Correlation, Gir cows, Milk yield and milk parameters.
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