Impact of immunocompetence index based selection on health conditions in broiler chicken

DOI: 10.5958/0976-0555.2015.00164.8    | Article Id: B-2674 | Page : 559-560
Citation :- Impact of immunocompetence index based selection on health conditions in broiler chicken .Indian Journal of Animal Research.2015.(49):559-560
G.K. Sivaraman and Sanjeev Kumar skgcari@yahoo.co.uk
Address : Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar- 243122, India.


Present investigation was carried out to assess the impact of immunocompetence index based selection on the survivability of Synthetic Dam Line of broiler chicken. The base population (G0) was screened for various immunocompetence traits, which were then combined in to an index, called immunocompetence (IC) index and two generations (G1 and G2) were obtained after selection for high and low IC index values. Significant differences in percent mortality patterns were noticed in the base population (Phicken.


Broiler Chicken Immunocompetence Mortality.


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