A comparative study on some biological constituents in serum during normal and sub-oestrous cycles of crossbred cows of Asom

DOI: 10.5958/0976-0555.2015.00107.7    | Article Id: B-2671 | Page : 553-555
Citation :- A comparative study on some biological constituents in serum during normal and sub-oestrous cycles of crossbred cows of Asom.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2015.(49):553-555
Address : College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara Campus, Guwahati-781 022, Assam, India.


A total of ten normal cyclic and ten confirmed sub-oestrous cows yielding 10 – 20 liters of milk were selected at random for this study. Blood samples were collected from each animal on day 0, 5 ,10, 15 and 20 ( day 0 of the next cycle ) and each sample was analyzed for estimation of calcium, inorganic phosphorus, sodium, potassium, total protein, glucose, cholesterol, alkaline phosphatase, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc by using quality kits when cobalt was determined with the help of Atomic Absorption Spectrophometer. The result revealed that the mean serum concentrations of sodium, iron, copper and zinc, glucose, cholesterol and alkaline phosphatase varied significantly ( P


Asom Biological constituents Crossbred cattle Sub-oestrous and normal cycles.


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