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R. Nath*, R.L. Prasad, S.Sarma
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1Department of Veterinary Biochemistry, Ranchi Veterinary College, Birsa Agriculture University, Ranchi-834 002, India
Cite article:- Nath* R., Prasad R.L., S.Sarma (2023). OXIDATIVE STRESS BIOMARKERS IN CROSS BRED COWS AFFECTED WITH FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 48(6): 628-632. doi: 10.5958/0976-0555.2014.00045.4.
The aim of the study was to measure the oxidative stress biomarkers and also elucidate the hematological and biochemical picture of cross bred cow with foot and mouth disease From the study it was observed that among the oxidative strees biomarkers, superoxidase dismutase, glucose-6- phosphatase, ascorbic acid and uric acid showed a significant (Picantly (Phe FMD affected animals. These results demonstrate that the cows with FMD were under oxidative stress and there was a significant change in some of the blood metabolites. Thus, during FMD the antioxidant vitamins (eg Vit A, Vit C, Vit E) would be beneficial for the antioxidant defense system of the animals.
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