Analysis of genetic polymorphism of IL8R receptor gene a marker associated with bovine mastitis among crossbred cattle

DOI: 10.5958/0976-0555.2015.00139.9    | Article Id: B-2524 | Page : 292-294
Citation :- Analysis of genetic polymorphism of IL8R receptor gene a marker associated with bovine mastitis among crossbred cattle .Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2015.(49):292-294
Sulochana Sen*, Rupal Shukla, Rakesh Ranjan and S.N.S. Parmar
Address : Animal Genetics and Breeding, M.P.P.C.V.V, Jabalpur-482 001, India.


A total of 60 crossbred cattle were screened for subclinical and clinical mastitis in and around Jabalpur using California mastitis test (CMT) followed by somatic cell count (SCC). The DNA was isolated and 311 bp fragments of IL8R gene was amplified using PCR. PCR-SSCP (Single Strand conformational polymorphism) method was used to identify genetic polymorphism of 311 bp amplicon of IL8R gene. PCR-SSCP revealed five SSCP patterns, SSCP pattern 1 (P1) was present in highest percentage 63.6% in healthy group, SSCP pattern 3 (P3) was present in highest percentage 64.2% in subclinical mastitis group while SSCP patterns (P2 and P5) were present in highest frequency 100% and 100% respectively in clinical mastitis group. Cattles exhibiting pattern P2, P5 and P3 were significantly (p


California mastitis test Crossbred cattle IL8R gene Mastitis Somatic cell count SSCP.


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