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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 48 issue 5 (october 2014) : 496-500


T. Chutia*1, R.K. Biswas1, M.K. Tamuli, S. Sinha1, J. Goswami1, B.C. Deka1, S. Banik, R.B. Kayastha1
1National Research Centre on Pig, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Rani, Guwahati 781 131, India
Cite article:- Chutia*1 T., Biswas1 R.K., Tamuli M.K., Sinha1 S., Goswami1 J., Deka1 B.C., Banik S., Kayastha1 R.B. (2024). EFFICACY OF DIFFERENT EXTENDERS IN PRESERVATION OF LIQUID HAMPSHIRE BOAR SEMEN AT 15°C. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 48(5): 496-500. doi: 10.5958/0976-0555.2014.00018.1.
The present study was designed to compare the efficacy of different liquid semen extenders for preservation of boar semen at 15°C. Twenty ejaculates, four from each of five Hampshire boars were used to study the efficacy of BTS, GEPS, FEY and LSEEY extenders for preservation of boar semen at 15°C up to 72 h. The mean sperm motility, live sperm and live spermatozoa with intact acrosome were found to be significantly (P
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