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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 48 issue 2 (april 2014) : 198-200


M. Rout*, G. Saikumar
1Division of Pathology, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly - 243 122, India
Cite article:- Rout* M., Saikumar G. (2023). USE OF VARIOUS METHODS FOR DETECTION OF SERO-GROUP A ROTAVIRUS IN PORCINE INTESTINAL AND FECAL SPECIMENS. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 48(2): 198-200. doi: 10.5958/j.0976-0555.48.2.041.
The study was made to find out the etiological agent involved in piglet diarrhoea during 2007-2009 in and around Bareilly. Group A rotavirus (GARV) was found as the main agent using various methods applied to intestinal and fecal samples. Out of 199 necropsied intestinal samples, none was positive in agarose gel electrophoresis, 5 (2.51%) were positive in double antibody sandwich ELISA (DAS-ELISA), 5 (2.51%) in RT-PCR and 18 (9.04%) in real-time RT PCR. Out of 96 fecal samples, 8 (8.33%) were positive in agarose gel electrophoresis, 11 (11.45%) in DAS-ELISA, 16 (16.66%) in RT-PCR and 23 (23.95%) were found positive in real-time RT PCR. Thus, it was found that real-time RT PCR, RT-PCR, ELISA and agarose gel electrophoresis have a descending order of sensitivity for detection of rotavirus as has already been reported.
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