DOI: 10.5958/0976-0555.2014.00012.0    | Article Id: B-207 | Page : 464-468
Xiaomei Lu*, Zhijie Lai and Meng jia Du
Address : Department of Pathophysiology, College of Basic Medical Sciences, China Medical University, ShenYang, 110 001, China


The present study evaluated the protection of Salvia miltiorrhiza injection against acute sodium nitrite poisoning in mice. Forty male C57mice were randomly divided into control group, sodium nitrite poisoning group (SN), Methylene blue (MB) and Salvia miltiorrhizae (SM) group. In SN, MB and SM group, 200 mg/kg sodium nitrite was injected intraperitoneal. Mice in MB and SM group were given 1.5mg/kg Methylene blue and 0.2ml Salvia miltiorrhiza injection immediately after sodium nitrite injection respectively. Mice in SN and SM group demonstrated higher blood methemoglobin and Serum TNFá and IL-6 but lower IL-10 levels than control group (P


Mice Salvia miltiorrhiza Sodium nitrite.


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