Age-related morphological changes in the foetal thyroid gland of White Fulani (Zebu) Cattle

DOI: 10.5958/0976-0555.2014.00007.7    | Article Id: B-197 | Page : 438-443
Citation :- Age-related morphological changes in the foetal thyroid gland of White Fulani (Zebu) Cattle.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2014.(48):438-443
Igbokwe Casmir Onwuaso, Machebe Ndubuisi Samuel* and Ezeasor Daniel Nwagbo
Address : Dept. of Veterinary Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


The morphological and morphometric changes of the thyroid were studied in the foetal White Fulani (Zebu) cattle from 90-260 days of gestation. The results showed that a dorsolateral attachment of the thyroid lobes to the cricoid cartilage of the larynx was common in all foetal age. A parenchymatous isthmus was consistent on the 1st to 2nd tracheal cartilage in all foetuses examined. The size h(weight, length and thickness) of the thyroid lobes increased with foetal age  and were significantly different (pring gestation, with contraction of solid colloid at 225-260 days with numerous vacuoles. Presumptive active cuboidal follicular cells were also evident from 150-210 days foetuses and C-cells were apparent in a parafollicular position at this age. Histomorphometry indicated a significant increase (p


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