Determination of Blood Serum Protein Fractions of Calves with Clinically Diagnosed Pneumonia

DOI: 10.18805/IJAR.B-1312    | Article Id: B-1312 | Page : 1163-1166
Citation :- Determination of Blood Serum Protein Fractions of Calves with Clinically Diagnosed Pneumonia.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2021.(55):1163-1166
Pınar Tanritanir Ekici, Semiha Dede, Veysel Yüksek, Sedat Çetin, Ayşe Usta sdede@yyu.edu.tr
Address : Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Van Yuzuncu Yil University, Van, Turkey.
Submitted Date : 13-08-2020
Accepted Date : 16-10-2020


Background: Respiratory diseases in calves are causing worldwide economic losses for the beef industry. This study was planned to determine the serum protein fractions and A/G ratio in calves with clinically diagnosed pneumonia, and evaluate the possibility uses of these parameters as clinical diagnostic parameters.
Methods: The 34 calves with respiratory system problems and 10 healthy calves without clinical pneumonia symptoms were used as materials. The obtained serum samples were used for total protein and serum protein electrophoresis.
Result: Albumin, α1-globulin percentages and A/G ratio decreased in the patient group (p≤0.01), other globulin fractions were higher in the patient group (p≤0.01), for % g values. According to concentration results, it was found that while albumin did not show a significant difference, α1-globulin (p≤0.05) and A / G ratio (p≤0.01) decreased in the patient group. In addition, other globulin fractions and total protein levels were higher in patient groups (p≤0.01). As a result, the serum protein fractions should be evaluated as a useful biochemical blood parameter for diagnosis and follow up of lung diseases especially in calves.


Calves Electrophoresis Pneumonia Serum proteins


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