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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 55 issue 6 (june 2021) : 652-656

chGRP78 is Required for the Activation and Phosphorylation of AKT1 at Serine 478 in Chicken Sells

H. Choi, Y.D. Kim, S.K. Jung, S. Sureshkumar, K.B. Oh, H. Yang, S.J. Byun
1Animal Biotechnology Division, National Institute of Animal Science, RDA, 1500, Kongjwipatjwi-ro, Iseo-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, 55365, Republic of Korea.
Cite article:- Choi H., Kim Y.D., Jung S.K., Sureshkumar S., Oh K.B., Yang H., Byun S.J. (2021). chGRP78 is Required for the Activation and Phosphorylation of AKT1 at Serine 478 in Chicken Sells. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 55(6): 652-656. doi: 10.18805/IJAR.B-1299.
Background: Chicken serum-mediated proliferation regulates chGRP78 to prevent apoptosis in chicken cells via chGRP78-mediated anti-apoptosis. However, the precise molecular mechanisms underlying the chGRP78-mediated protection against apoptosis remain undefined. In an earlier study, we have shown that chGRP78 is critical for chicken embryo fibroblast (CEF) and DF-1 cell proliferation.
Methods: In this experiment, we highlight AKT1 as a key target of GRP78 during apoptosis. We used 2D gel-based proteomics and bioinformatics prediction analysis for our studies. 
Result: Here, we detected chGRP78 binding sites in AKT1-rgulated proteins. chGRP78 promoted AKT1 activation and chGRP78 silencing decreased AKT1 levels. Taken together, we suggest that the AKT1-mediated signaling pathway plays a critical role in GRP78-stimulated fibroblast survival and anti-apoptosis. Our findings have important implications for the maintenance of chicken fibroblast cells via the inhibition of apoptosis.
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