Expression patterns and immunohistochemical analysis of ERK, HRAS and MEK1 proteins during ovarian prehierarchical follicular development in Zi geese (Anser cygnoides)

DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-1069    | Article Id: B-1069 | Page : 790-795
Citation :- Expression patterns and immunohistochemical analysis of ERK, HRAS and MEK1 proteins during ovarian prehierarchical follicular development in Zi geese (Anser cygnoides).Indian Journal of Animal Research.2022.(56):790-795
H. Lu, C.T. Sello, C. Liu, Y. Sui, C. Xu, Y. Sun, J. Liu, Y. Zhou, S. Li, W. Yang, P. Msuthwana, J. Hu, Y. Sun sunyongfeng1977@126.com
Address : Department of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction, College of Animal Science and Technology, Xincheng Street, No: 2888. Changchun City, Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun, People’s Republic of China.
Submitted Date : 21-11-2018
Accepted Date : 7-02-2019


The objective of this study was to investigate the spatiotemporal expression levels and protein localization of extracellular regulated MAP kinase (ERK), HRas proto-oncogene, GTPase (HRAS), and mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 (MEK1) genes in ovarian prehierarchical follicles of geese. The prehierarchical follicles from healthy laying geese (n=6) at the age of 35 to 37 weeks were harvested. The relative expression levels of ERK, HRAS, and MEK1 in various sized prehierarchical follicles were detected by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR), western blotting, and follicular wall localization was investigated by using immunohistochemistry. The results revealed that the candidate genes were expressed differently at mRNA and protein levels at five stages of prehierarchical follicle development. These results suggest that ERK, HRAS, and MEK1 might be associated to the key biological mechanisms regulating Zi geese folliculogenesis.


Folliculogenesis Immunohistochemistry MAPK RT-qPCR Western blotting.


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