Article Id: ARCC806 | Page : 198 - 202
Citation :- EVALUATION OF ACUTE AND SUBCHRONIC ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECT OF COW URINE IN RATS.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2011.(45):198 - 202
Jagadeesh S. Sanganal, K. Jayakumar, G.M. Jayaramu1, D. Gouri Mahadevappa, K.L. Paniraj 2, and Vinay P. Tikare
Address : KVAFSU, Veterinary College, Hebbal, Bangalore - 24, India


The study was conducted to know the anti-inflammatory effect of cow urine on formalin induced (edema Cacute and chronic) inflammatory activity in male and female Wistar albino rats procured from the Laboratory Animal Facility of Veterinary College, Hebbal, Bangalore. They were aged between six to seven weeks and weighed 130-150g. In the present study, there was no significant decrease in paw thickness in cow urine treated groups when compared to standard control. There was significant decrease in paw thickness in Diclofenac drug treated group (standard control) in both the sexes of rats. The literature on anti-inflammatory activity of cow urine is scanty; hence no comparison could be made.


Anti-inflammatory activity Cow urine Rats.


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