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G.K. Sangha, Kamalpreet Kaur
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1Department of Zoology, College of Basic Science, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana - 141 004, India
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Cite article:- Sangha G.K., Kaur Kamalpreet (2023). CYPERMETHRIN INDUCED CHANGES IN BIOCHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS OF PLASMA OF FEMALE ALBINO RATS. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 45(3): 186 - 191. doi: .
Cypermethrin is a broad spectrum, biodegradable  pyrethroid insecticide, with enhanced stability and considerable low mammalian toxicity. The present investigation was performed to investigate the sub acute effects of cypermethrin in female rats. Cypermethrin was dissolved in vegetable oil and administered orally (50mg/kg body weight daily) to female albino rats  for 15 and 30 days to evaluate the alterations in levels of various plasma constituents and enzymes. Group of rats receiving similar amount of distilled water and vegetable oil served as control rats. Bioconstituents like proteins and creatinine showed significant decrease in plasma after two and four weeks of cypermethrin treatment, however, plasma urea levels initially decreased after two weeks of treatment and then increased significantly after four weeks in treated rats. Activity of enzymes viz; phosphatases (acid phosphatase (ACP) and alkaline phosphatase (AKP)), transaminases (aspartate  aminotransferase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT)) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) were enhanced in plasma of cypermethrin treated rats as compared to control rats. These changes observed in the levels of various enzymes and proteins, urea and creatinine in plasma could be sensitive index of the toxic effects of pesticide.
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