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Monalisa Nath1, A. Baruah, B.C. Sarmah, B.C. Deka, K.K. Baruah2, J. Devi3
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1Department of Veterinary Physiology, College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara – 781 022, India
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Cite article:- Nath1 Monalisa, Baruah A., Sarmah B.C., Deka B.C., Baruah2 K.K., Devi3 J. (2023). STUDIES ON EFFECT OF MINERAL SUPPLEMENTATION IN TESTICULAR BIOMETRY IN PREPUBERTAL AND PUBERTAL BEETAL X ASSAM LOCAL MALE KIDS*. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 45(3): 155 - 161. doi: .
Twelve crossbred (Beetal X Assam Local) male kids weighing about 5 kg aged 3 months were divided into two groups, each comprising of six kids. The animals were provided concentrate feed and allowed free grazing during daytime. Mineral mixture at the rate of 2 per cent was supplemented in concentrate feed of group I kids only. The mean length of right and left testes increased from 2.70±0.08cm and 2.68±0.08cm respectively in group I kids and from 2.69±0.07cm and 2.69±0.07cm respectively in group II kids at 3 months of age to 6.45±0.13cm and 6.49±0.13 cm in group I kids and 5.98±0.09 cm and 5.96±0.09cm in group II kids, respectively at 10 months of age. At puberty, the mean testicular width for right and left testes in group I was 3.08±0.08cm and 3.08±0.09cm, and group II kids were 3.14±0.05 cm and 3.10±0.04 cm, respectively. At puberty, the mean testicular thickness for right and left testes was 2.72±0.06cm and 2.70±0.07cm in group 1 kids and 2.70±0.09cm and 2.74±0.09 cm in group 2 kids, respectively. The mean scrotal circumference at puberty in group I and group II kids was 14.11±0.21 cm and 14.19±0.14cm, respectively. The mean volume of right and left testes at puberty was 3.91±0.11cm3 and 3.94±0.17 cm3 in group I and 3.96±0.25cm3 and 4.02±0.18 cm3 in group II kids, respectively. The length, width, thickness and volume of right and left testes and scrotal circumference varied significantly (P
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