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B.M. Bhanderi*, Subhash Parnerkar, D.C. Patel, P.R. Pandya, P.L. Sherasia
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1College of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Anand Agricultural University, Anand - 388 110, India.
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Cite article:- Bhanderi* B.M., Parnerkar Subhash, Patel D.C., Pandya P.R., Sherasia P.L. (2023). EVALUATION OF FEEDING PRACTICES AND CERTAIN MINERALS STATUS OF BUFFALOES IN SEMI-ARID ZONE OF GUJARAT. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 45(2): 79 - 87. doi: .
The nutritional status of animals was evaluated by collecting representative samples of feeds, fodder and blood plasma from the selected villages from the semi-arid zone (Jamnagar district) of Gujarat. The collected samples were analyzed for proximate composition and certain minerals content. The average digestible crude protein (DCP) intake of lactating buffaloes ranged between 92.87 and 107.64% of requirement and average total digestible nutrients (TDN) intake ranged between 103.51 and 105.89% of requirement. The average calcium (Ca) content ranged from 0.25-2.28% in roughages as compared to 0.04-0.19% in concentrates. Phosphorus (P) content in concentrates (0.47%) was higher than that of roughages (0.13%). The average copper (Cu) level was recorded low in most of the feed resources (5.81-9.78 ppm).  Wheat straw (7.73 ppm) and jowar straw (13.76 ppm) were low in zinc (Zn). Manganese (Mn) content in different feeds and fodders ranged from 12.98 to 99.86 ppm. Ca, P, Cu, Mn and Zn levels were found to be deficient in the ration of dairy buffaloes. The average blood plasma levels of Cu, Zn and Mn in buffaloes were 0.66, 0.75 and 0.06 ppm, respectively. As compared to critical level of Cu (0.65 ppm) and Zn (0.8 ppm) in blood plasma, more than 60% of the animals screened showed low Cu and Zn status. Based on the calculated intakes of DCP, TDN, Ca, P, Cu, Zn and Mn from various feed resources, suggestions for correcting supply of protein and energy and extent of supplementation required through area specific mineral mixture, for obviating Ca, P, Cu, Zn and Mn deficiency in the ration of buffaloes were given to the farmers of Jamnagar district.
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