Article Id: ARCC781 | Page : 67 - 69
Citation :- COMPARATIVE HISTOLOGICAL STUDY OF CAECUM IN CATTLE, SHEEP AND GOAT .Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2011.(45):67 - 69
S.D. Kadam, N.S. Bhosle and P.J. Kapadnis
Address : College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Parbhani - 431 402, India.


Comparative histology of the caecum of adult cattle,sheep and goat was studied. Caecum of all three animals consisted of four layers namely tunica mucosa, tela submucosa,tunica muscularis and tunica Serosa. Intestinal glands were mostly located at base region of tunica mucosa . In caecum of goat mucus secreting intestional glands were present in the close vicinity of lamina muscularis and serous secreting glands were present at apical end of tunica mucosa . Tela submucosa was largest in cattle as compared to sheep and  goat. Aggregated lymphatic nodules are present  in caecum of sheep in the vicinity of lamina muscularis. In caecum of goat tunica serosa was a loose connective tissue.


Histology Calecum.


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