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Citation :- STUDY ON THE DIFFERENT FACTORS AFFECTING MORTALITY PATTERN OF RABBIT IN INDIA.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2012.(46): 89 - 91
Address : Rabbit Research Farm, ICAR Research Complex for NEh Region, Barapani-793 103, India


Around 374 data on different mortality cases recorded from New Zealand White and Soviet Chinchilla breed of rabbit in three seasons i e summer, rainy and winter over a period of four years in Rabbit Research Farm of the institute under Animal Production Division were analyzed statistically. Rabbits were housed in indoor cage system and 50 % mash feeding and 50 % roughage feeding was practiced. It was found that highest mortality was in I st generation crops. Breed wise higher mortality was observed in New Zealand White breed of rabbit (22.12%). Sex wise higher mortality was in female (20.48 %). Age wise mortality revealed that highest mortality was in finisher (21.49 %). Season wise highest mortality was in summer (17.90 %). Etiology of disease indicated that highest mortality was due to coccidiosis (5.62 %) followed by deficiency disorder (5.50 %). In 1 st and 2 nd year there was significant differences (P


Rabbit Mortality Pattern Different factors India


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