Article Id: ARCC3537 | Page : 130-132
Citation :- EVALUATION OF OOCYTE RETRIVAL METHODS FROM BUBALINE OVARIES.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2000.(34):130-132
Suresh Kumar and S.N Maurya
Address : Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, College of Veterinary Sciences G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar-263 145, India


A total of 900 buffalo ovaries obtained from slaughter house were utilized for certain morphometric observations. The length and width of buffalo ovary averaged 2.17±0.07 and 1.46±0.06 cm, respectively. Average number to observable follicles on the ovarian surface was 4.12±1.32 per ovary with an overall average of 2.68±0.91 oocytes per ovary. The oocytes were recovered from ovaries using three different methods i.e. follicle isolation, aspiration and slicing. Average number of oocytes recovered by slicing (3.09) was highest followed by follicle isolation (2.61) and by aspiration (1.89). Postaspiration slicing yielded 0.46 extra oocyte per ovary. Corpus luteum was observed on 32.0% of ovaries. The oocyte recovery was higher from ovaries having corpus luteum. Time taken to process individual ovary was 2.05, 10.25 and 3.35 min. for slicing, follicle isolation and aspiration, respectively. Though the aspiration method yielded least number of oocytes, it proved to be the most applicable method for IVM and IVF.



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