Article Id: ARCC3532 | Page : 112-115
Citation :- BROILER PERFORMANCE AS AFFJ;CTED BY ANTICOCCIDIAL DRUGS.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2000.(34):112-115
R.K. Srivastava, Manoj Singh, S.S Chauhan and K.S. Singh
Address : Depqrtment of Animql Science G. B. Pqnt University of Agriculture qnd Technology, Pqntnqgqr - 263 145, Indiq


A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of anticoccidial drugs on the broiler perfomance. 120 day old broiler chicks were equally divided in to four groups of 30 each and provided with four diets namely control diet (D1) ACD - 98 @ 2009/MT (D2) Maduramicin @ 500g/MT (D3) and Maduramicin ammonium @ 500g/MT (D4). The experiment lasted for 8 weeks. The results of the experiment showed the highest growth 1912.20±1.26g in group 04 followed by group D3 (1853.23±1.26g), D2 (1842.0±1.26g) and the lowest weight was noted in D1 (1824.0 ± 1.26g). However, the feed consumption was ranged between 4821.91±0.66g to 4372.50±0.66g in D1, D2, D3 and D4 respectively. The feed conversion ratios varied within 2.20 to 2.66 in the various treatments. The differences in mean were highly significant (P<0.01). The retention of protein was highest in D2 group i.e 75.74±0.50 per cent where as energy retention was maximum (85.56±0.67%) in group D4. The calcium and phosphorous retention was also higher in D4 group (87.26±0.68 and 81.26±0.58%). The digestibility coefficients of ether extract and crude fibre were also higher in-group D4 (86.65±0.61 and 58.21±0.83%)



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