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B.M. Thombre, K.R. Mitkari" B.V. Gujar and p.v. Padghan
Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science, Marathwada Agricultural University, Parbhani - 431 402, India

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141 - 143
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The data of 961 lactation records each of Deoni and Holstein Friesian × Deoni (HF × D) halfbreds spread over a period of 21 years were analysed to assess the influence of farm, season and period of calving on Service Period (SP) and Inter-calving Period (ICP). The least squares means (LSM) for SP and ICP in Deoni and HF × D half-bred cows were 254.40 ± 5.13 and 533.64 ± 5.21 days and 151.23 ± 4.91 and 433.12 ± 5.39 days, respectively. The farm showed highly significant (P0.01) influence on SP in Deoni, while farm and period have highly significant (P0.01) influence on SP in HF × D halfbreds. However, effect of season was not sgnificant on SP in Deoni and HF × D halfbreds. Farm showed highly significant (P0.01) effect on ICP in Deoni as well as HF × D halfbreds. The influence of period of calving was significant (P0.05) in Deoni cattle and highly significant (0.01) in HF×D halfbreds. rhe effect of seaso of calving was no-significant n ICP in Deoni as well as HF × D halfbreds.
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