Article Id: ARCC3425 | Page : 55·57
Citation :- UDDER CHARACTERIZATION OF MILCH ANIMALS IN AMBEJOGAI TAHSIL*.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2002.(36):55·57
J.S. Sonwanel , P.L.Karanjkar and L.M. Karanjkar2
Address : Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science, Marathwada Agricultural University. Parbhani· 431 402. India


The udder characterization in respect of shape of udder, size of fore udder and rear udder, shape and tip of teat of milch cows and buffaloes was studied. For this, 400 dairy farmers randomly selected from 10 villages were interviewed. Bowl shape of udder was common in Marathwadi, round shape in Nagpuri, pendulous in Jaffrabadi and Murrah. While bowl shape is mainly observed in local cows and Red Kandhari, pendulous shape was common incrossbred cows. Medium size of fore udder and large shape of rear udder was common in all except Murrah buffaloes. Small size of fore udder was mainly found in local cows while Red Kandhari and crossbred had medium. Medium size rear udder was generally observed in all cow breeds. Cylindrical teat shape and rounded teat tip were common in all the breeds studied.


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