Article Id: ARCC3416 | Page : 22 - 26
Citation :- BIOCHErvtICAL CHANGES IN BLOOD OF CHANNA SPP.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2002.(36):22 - 26
Amita Saxena
Address : Department of Fishery Biology, College of Fisheries G.B. Pant Univ. of Agric. and Tech., Pantnagar - 263 145, India


The paper deals with biochemical changes in blood of Channa Spp; in which blood sugar, serum protein, calcium and phosphorous were noted. Blood sugar content varied during ovarian growth. A gradual reduction in blood sugar content was observed during stage II of the ovary; reduction continued upto stage III i.e. spawning. After spawning sugar content rose. A similar reduction in blood calcium and plasma protein were also noted. This reduction showed their significance in yolk protein formation. But a rise in phosphorous quantity during stage III of maturation of ovary was also observed. It was due to high metabolic activity in fishtissue as a result of reduced feeding. In stage IV a remarkable rise appeared in blood sugar, serum protein and calcium conents due to voracious feeding. All these blood contents were directly related with feeding intensity of fish while phosphorous contents of blood was found to be related with metabotic requirement of the body. Among four species of Channa highest values of all parameters were recorded in C. marulius and lowest in C gachua.


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