Article Id: ARCC3414 | Page : 12 - 16
Citation :- GENETIC AND NON-GENETIC FACTORS AFFECTING .ltit GROWTH PERFORMANCE IN GOATS.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2002.(36):12 - 16
Satbir Singh, Z.S. Rana and 0.5. Dalal
Address : Department of Animal Breeding, CCSHaryana Agricultural University, Hisar· 125004, India


Data on 616 kids of Beetal, Black Bengal and their reciprocal crosses were analysed to study the effect of genetic group, year, season, sex, type of birth and dam's weight at kidding on growth traits. The results revealed that Beetal breed was significantly (P0.01) superior in body weights and daily body weight gains and Black Bengal had minimum body weights at all ages. All the body weights were significantly influenced by genetic group, year, sex and type of brith. The dam's weight at kidding was also found to b significant for all the body weights suggesting the already established fact that the dams which are heavier during pregnancy and at kidding would deliver heavier kids. The effect of genetic group, year, season and sex were found to be significant for daily body weight gains.


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