Article Id: ARCC3333 | Page : 44 - 46
Citation :- NURSING BEHAVIOUR OF GILTS UNDER DIFFERENT FARROWING SYSTEMS·.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2004.(38):44 - 46
A.S. Sirohi, C.L. SumanI and H.C. Joshi2
Address : Uvestock Production Management Section, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, lzatnagar, Bareilly - 243 122, India


Nursing behaviour of 16 crossbred gilts (Landrace × Desi) maintained at swine production farm of Indian. Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar was studied in two farrowing systems viz., pens and crates during parturition. The average duration of nursing which started during birth process was shorter in crates (37.5 min) than in pens (77.88 min) during partum period. The-grunting by gilts was common in both the accommodations to call piglets for suckling and let down of milk. The gilts used fore legs and head to help in nursing their piglets. The average use of legs to gUide piglets was significantly higher in crates (7.38 min) than in pens (2.25 min) during the post partum period. The gilts used head more frequently in crates than in pens for nursing the piglets. The average suckling time was shorter in crates (43.63 min) than in pens (70.13 min) due to rapid suckling movements of piglets. The teat preference of suckling by piglets was more toward anterior teats. The average birth weight of male piglets was significantly (P < 0.05) higher in crates than in pens due to better nursing and suckling activities. The study revealed that the gilts nursed better their piglets in crates than in pens during parturition.



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