Article Id: ARCC3261 | Page : 85 - 86
Citation :- EFFECT OF MINERAL SUPPLIMENTATION ON SEMINAL PLASMA OF ASSAM LOCAL GOAT.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2006.(40):85 - 86
D.J. Kalita, B.C.Sarmah and S. Goswami
Address : Department of Animal Physiology, College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati - 781 022, India


Eight to ten months old, 10 healthy male Assam local goat have been selected. Two groups
(Gr-1 and Gr-II ) were made, five in each keeping approximately equal average body weight in each group. The animals were let loose in the morning for grazing and in the evening restricted amount of two different types of concentrate were offered to each group, individually as per the body weight. The ration for the Gr-1 was incorporated with mineral mixture at 2% level and no minera mixture was added in the ration of Gr-II. This feeding practice was continued till the end of the experiment. When the animals attained the age of 12 months and above, semen was collected from each buck, twice weekly, for a period of 4 weeks for analysis of different macro and microminerals. The apparently higher concentration of Ca, P and Mg and significantly (P


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