Article Id: ARCC3241 | Page : 15 - 19
Citation :- PATHOLOGY OF PASTEURELLA MULTOCIDA INFECTION IN CHICKENS.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2006.(40):15 - 19
Shilpa Sood1 and P.C. Verma
Address : CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar - 125 004, India


The present study was conducted on 42, 12-15 weeks old birds to study the gross and
histopathological changes induced by Pasteurella multocida infection. The birds were divided into
two groups viz., control and infected consisting of 21 birds each. The birds in infected group were
administered with LD50 of local isolate of Pasteurella multocida A:1. Three birds from each group
were randomly sacrificed and subjected to thorough post mortem examination. Tissues were collected in 10% buffered formalin for histopathological studies. Initially pathological lesions were of acute septicaemic nature, congestion, hemorrhage and presence of bacterial colonies. Later on fibrinous pericarditis, necrosis of liver and kidney and lymphoid depletion and RE cell hyperplasia in the spleen were observed.


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