Article Id: ARCC3223 | Page : 256-260
Citation :- EFFECT OF SEVERITY OF ACIDOSIS ON RUMINAL ACTIVITY IN GOATS.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2007.(41):256-260
Pradeep Kumar Ram1 , S.P. Verma, Anup Kumar Agrawal2 and C. Jayachandran
Address : Bihar Veterinary College, Patna- 800 014, India


Different parameters of ruminal activity (e.g. ruminal motility, consistency and pH of ruminal
fluid, motility and activity of rumen microflora) were studied in 27 clinical cases of ruminal acidosis
in goats and compared with 6 healthy control goats. Ruminal motility and ruminal fluid pH showed
significant (P0.01) decreas whereas cellulose digestion time (CDT) and sedimentation activity
time (SAT) increased significantly in mild, acidotic goats as compared to normal ones. Motility and
activity of rumen microflora (CDT and SAT) were absent in moderate and severe acidotic goats.
Consistency of ruminal fluid was viscous to semi liquid in healthy, thick/ firm and doughy to semi
liquid in mild acidotic and watery in moderate & severe acidotic goats. Motility of rumen protozoa
was vigorous in healthv control whereas slow or absent in mild and absent in moderate and severe
acidotic goats.


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