Article Id: ARCC2359 | Page : 148-150
Citation :- MICROSCOPIC STUDY OF LARGE INTESTINE IN SHEEP.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2008.(42):148-150
S.D. Kadam, N.S. Bhosale, P.J. Kapadnis and H.M. Aage
Address : College of Veterinary and Animal Services, M.A.U., Parbhani - 431 402, India


Microscopic study was conducted on the large intestine of sheep comprising of three parts,
caecum, colon and rectum. The wall of large intestine throughout its length consisted of tunica
mucosa, tunica submucosa, tunica muscularis and tunica serosa. Tunica mucosa contained simple
columnar epithelium, lamina propria with intestinal glands lymphatic nodule and lamina muscularis.
Lymphatic nodules ate aggregated and present in the vicinity of lamina muscularis. Glands were
lined by tall columnar cells, goblet cells and argentaffin cells throughout the large intestine. Goblet
cells were highest in the rectum and had only one circular layer of smooth muscles but in colon and
rectum it consisted of inner circular and outer longitudinal layer of smooth muscle.


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