Article Id: ARCC2351 | Page : 125-127
Citation :- SELECTION INDICES FOR GENETIC IMPROVEMENT OF BROILERS.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2008.(42):125-127
C.B. Singh and C.V. Singh
Address : College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, G.B. Pant University of Agricultural & Technology, Pantnagar - 263 145, India


Data on 2170 broilers maintained at Poultry Research Unit of the university were utilized for the
construction of conventional selection indices for genetic improvement of CARI-BRO Broilers. The
traits included were 6 and 8 weeks body weight, body confirmation traits at 8 weeks of age for male
line and 8 weeks body weight, feed efficiency 6-8 weeks , age at sexual maturity, weight at sexual
maturity, egg production up to 40 weeks, egg weight at 32 weeks and body weight at 40 weeks for
female line. In terms of genetic cost of restriction, 8 weeks body weight and breast angle were found
to contribute significantly to the efficiency of the index for male line. The index I9 consisting 8 weeks
body weight and body confirmation traits was found superior for improvement of body weight of
male line broilers and index I7 developed on the basis of age at sexual maturity, egg production up
to 40 weeks, egg weight at 32 weeks and 40 weeks body weight was found superior to the other
indices for female line broilers.


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