Article Id: ARCC2323 | Page : 10-16
Citation :- NUTRITIONAL STATUS OF CROSSBRED AND LOCAL COWS.Indian Journal of Animal Research.2008.(42):10-16
P. K. Madke1, J. S. Murkute, S. S. Lathwal2 and I. M. Kheir3
Address : Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying College of Agriculture, Nagpur, 440 010, India


Present study indicated that overall nutritional status of local milch cows were deficient in DM,
DCP and TDN (-3.79, -62.28 and -0.26 % respectively). The supply of DM was surplus in crossbred
milch cows (+5.76%) but they were deficient in DCP and TDN (-35.78 and -2.72%) respectively.
Hence, it was concluded that the crossbred milch cows had better nutritional status than the local
milch cows. The overall nutritional status of dry cows indicated that local as well as crossbred cows
were deficient in DM (-17.99 and -20.80% respectively) and DCP supply (-73.42 and -69.64%
respectively) but both the categories were surplus in TDN supply (+3.80 and + 2.51% respectively).
The crossbred dry cows had better supply of DCP and TDN than local dry cows.


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