Article Id: ARCC2005 | Page : 293-294
Citation :- EFFECT OF ILIREN AND NORGESTOMET ON SYNCHRONIZATION OF OESTRUS IN COWS*.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2009.(43):293-294
Ilakshy Deka, J. Goswami, P. Chakraborty, R.K. Biswas1, B.K. Sarmah and B.C. Sarmah
Address : Department of Animal Physiology, College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati-781 022, India.


Fifteen healthy cyclic indigenous cows of Assam at first and/or second lactation were randomly
divided into three groups viz. I, II and III, each comprising of five cows. Group I cows were kept
as untreated control. The cows under group II and III were treated with “Iliren” (a PGF2  analogue)
and “Crestar” (3 mg Norgestomet, 5 mg Estradiol valerate) respectively. All experimental animals
of group II exhibited oestrus between 96 and 108 hrs with a mean of 99.00 ± 3.00 hrs following
treatment while 4 cows under group III, responded to treatment. Mean interval between withdrawal
of Crestar ear implant and exhibition of oestrus was 29.80 ± 0.91 hrs with a range from 24 to 48
hrs. The physical symptoms of oestrus were similar in hormonally treated and control animals.
Duration of oestrus was found to be significantly higher (p<0.01) in “Iliren” treated (26.50 ±
1.89 hrs) and “Crestar” implanted cows (36.00 ± 3.89 hrs) than that of the control cows (18.20
± 2.13 hrs).


Cows Crestar Iliren Oestrus Synchronization.


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