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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 47 issue 5 (october 2013) : 379-385


S.M. Deokar, S.T. Pachpute, , S.A. Dhage*
1Division of Animal and Dairy Science, College of Agriculture, Pune- 411 003, India
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Cite article:- Deokar S.M., Pachpute S.T., Dhage* S.A. (2023). TIME SERIES ANALYSIS OF FIRST LACTATION TRAITS IN PHULE TRIVENI CATTLE. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 47(5): 379-385. doi: .
The data pertaining to first lactation records of 356 Phule Triveni crossbred was collected from history and pedigree sheets maintained at RCDP on cattle, MPKV, Rahuri, Dist: Ahmednagar (M.S.) spread over period of 25 years (1981-2005) and were subjected to least squares analysis and time series analysis. The overall least squares means for AFC, FCI, FL300DMY and FLTMY estimated by least square analysis were 1041.63+1045 days, 450.27+6.40 days, 2519.35±36.73 kg and 2749.20  ±46.81 kg, respectively. The least squares analysis of variance revealed that month had non-significant influence on all the traits under study, while periods of birth and calving had highly significant effect (Ps. The time series analysis indicated periodicity of data over the years. The fitted periodic functions for different traits with higher R2 values revealed cyclicity of data over the period .The higher R2 values in case of time series analysis indicated that more precise results could be obtained by time series analysis.
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