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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 47 issue 4 (august 2013) : 335-339


Mahesh Shivanand Dige, S.P.S. Ahlawat, Bharat Bhusan*, Pushpendra Kumar, Anuj Chauhan, B. Inamdar, L.S. Kokate, Triveni Dutt1
1Division of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly-243 122, India
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Cite article:- Dige Shivanand Mahesh, Ahlawat S.P.S., Bhusan* Bharat, Kumar Pushpendra, Chauhan Anuj, Inamdar B., Kokate L.S., Dutt1 Triveni (2024). DISSECTING THE PARTIAL GENOMIC REGION OF CXCR TO CORRELATE WITH CMT IN VRINDAVANI CATTLE. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 47(4): 335-339. doi: .
Genetic markers associated with inflammatory responses during mastitis could aid in selection of cattle for mastitis resistance. The genomic region of 256 bp of CXCR2, a chemokine receptor required for neutrophil migration to infection sites was investigated in the current study to identify genetic polymorphism if any and to associate it with subclinical and clinical mastitis. Ninety five Vrindavani crossbred cows (42-mastitis tolerant and 53- with clinical mastitis) who completed at least two full lactations were taken for study. The cows which had never been affected by clinical mastitis during their productive life and tested negative for California mastitis test (CMT) were kept in the mastitis tolerant group. PCR-SSCP technique was used to reveal the polymorphism in 256bp fragments of CXCR2 gene. The fragment was found to be monomorphic in the population studied and hence it can not be used as a candidate for selecting mastistis resistant cattle.
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