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Indian Journal of Animal Research, volume 47 issue 4 (august 2013) : 321-326


P.S. Dangi, Rajbir Singh1, R.K. Pundir, Avtar Singh2, Vijay Chaudhary3, N.K. Verma
1National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources, Karnal – 132 001, India
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Cite article:- Dangi P.S., Singh1 Rajbir, Pundir R.K., Singh2 Avtar, Chaudhary3 Vijay, Verma N.K. (2024). STUDY OF VARIOUS PERFORMANCE TRAITS IN RATHI CATTLE. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 47(4): 321-326. doi: .
Data on production (lactation milk yield, lactation length, dry period) and reproduction performance traits (service period and calving interval) of Rathi cattle maintained at Livestock Research Station (LRS) Nohar, District Hanumangarh (Rajasthan) during the period 1979-2002 were analyzed to study the effect of non-genetic factors on these traits. The overall least square means for lactation milk yield (LMY), lactation length (LL), dry period (DP), service period (SP) and calving interval (CI) were 1589.49±75.55 kg, 267.09±08.04 days 155.28±09.65 days, 153.03±22.80 days and 427.44±12.30 days, respectively. The analysis of variance revealed that effects of parity, season and period on the overall lactations production and reproduction traits was significant (P
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