Article Id: ARCC1255 | Page : 248 - 253
Citation :- MEAT CONSUMPTION PATTERN IN HYDERABAD CITY*.Indian Journal Of Animal Research.2010.(44):248 - 253
M. Srinivasa Reddy and D. Thammi Raju
Address : Department of Veterinary and Animal Extension, College of Veterinary Science Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University Rajendranagar: Hyderabad – 500 030, India


The present study was conducted in Hyderabad city using an ex-post facto research design. It
revealed that majority of the urban consumers were middle aged and belonged to service class.
They were either graduates and / or postgraduates with the family size of 4.35. The urban consumers’
most preferred meat was chicken because of its taste and habituation. Mutton was consumed to
a lesser extent. Pork and or beef were consumed on very specific occasions because of sentiments
and taboos. The average consumption was low as compared to the recommended per capita
consumption. More meat consumption was noticed in winter and religious sentiments were
hindering the regular consumption; even though meat is regularly available at affordable prices.
Quality, freshness and hygiene were the key determinants for consumer’s preference of meat


Meat consumption Hyderabad City.


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