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Puranik Prahalad, K. Sadasiva Rao1, K.G. Solmon Raju
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1College of Veterinary Science, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad – 500 030, India
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Cite article:- Prahalad Puranik, Rao1 Sadasiva K., Raju Solmon K.G. (2023). EFFECT OF GNRH, PMSG AND PLACENTREX ON REPRODUCTIVE PERFORMANCE OF POSTPARTUM TRUE ANESTRUS MURRAH BUFFALOES*. Indian Journal of Animal Research. 44(3): 201 - 204. doi: .
The efficacy of GnRH, PMSG and Placentrex therapeutic protocols in inducing estrus and
enhancing conception rate in true anestrum buffaloes was studied. The experimental buffaloes
were randomly divided in to 4 groups each consisting of 20 each. Among 80 buffaloes treated
with various protocol (60 affected with postpartum anoestrum + 20 healthy cyclic buffaloes),
the estrus response was found to be 70, 90, 80 and 50 percent, respectively in GnRH, PMSG,
Placentrex and control group. The days taken for the onset of estrus in PMSG (74.46±12.78days)
were found to be lower than GnRH (85.11±18.92 days), Placentrex (78.52±13.92 days) and
control (93.55±21.84 days) groups. The intensity of estrus was observed to be better in PMSG
and Placentrex groups than in GnRH and control groups. The duration of estrus was found to be
significantly longer in PMSG (16.37±3.62 hrs) treated buffaloes. Similarly the interval between
treatment and onset of estrus was observed to be significantly earlier in PMSG group (7.22±0.49
days) than in GnRH (10.5±0.63), Placentrex (11.25±0.54 days) and control (53±1.13days),
groups, respectively. The overall conception rate was better in PMSG (77.78 per cent) group
than GnRH (64.29 per cent), Placentrex (68.75 per cent) and Control (40 per cent) groups. The
mean number of services required per conception in true anoestrus postpartum buffaloes treated
with GnRH, PMSG, placentrex and control groups were recorded as 1.55±0.24, 1.71±0.22,
1.81±0.26 and 2.25±0.48, respectively
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